Dr. B.S. Keshava Memorial Scholarship

Educational Support for the Underprivileged


Meet Heena

Heena Kausar was one of the original scholarship recipients in late 2017. She is one of four sisters and her father is a daily wage labourer in the rural town of Kalasapura. Heena couldn't afford her text books 2 years ago in 1st PUC (11th grade) and by just studying her notes, she still got 80% in her exams. With her hard work, positive attitude and a little support in 2018 she topped her school. We think she is going places ......


We Welcome a Second College in Javagal!

The goal of Keshava Foundation is to provide support and mentorship for under-privileged, pre-university students from rural areas in India, who are showing academic purpose.
In 2017 the scholarship program was started in Government Pre-University college in Kalasapura. A rural village located 4 hours from Bangalore, Kalasapura has poor infrastructure with limited access to clean drinking water, electricity and medical services. In 2018 we have added a second Government Pre-University College in the neighboring town of Javagal. Together with supporting these very worthy students, what is very exciting here are the early plans for a digital library to provide the students with online tools, training and interaction .... both from Bangalore and from around the world!

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Learning from Dr. Keshava's example

Having role models is a challenge for many under-privileged students. Self-esteem is often low, as is general awareness of what is even possible with their future careers. The Foundation feels very fortunate to have partnered with Prerana, a Bangalore based NGO, that takes a holistic approach in supporting underprivileged students showing academic promise.
Prerana’s vision of “No deserving student shall be deprived of education due to economic conditions” aligns perfectly with Dr. Keshava’s beliefs. When Prerana's Secretary, Ram Sastry speaks, the students listen ..

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Overcoming structural challenges facing rural students

Besides the many challenges that underprivileged students from rural areas face in even being able to attend classes on a regular basis, there are structural challenges which must be overcome. This includes a lack of either understanding or speaking English, which most of the STEM degree courses are taught in. In addition, infrastructure is poor so tools that are taken for granted in city areas such as online learning and training courses are not available for rural students. But don't take our word for it, hear from Kannada teacher in Javagal Pre-University College, Virpaksha ...


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Javagal Srinath’s ongoing support for rural students

Born and raised in rural Karnataka, Indian cricket great, Javagal Srinath, is very familiar with the unique challenges faced by rural students. As a close friend of Dr. Keshava’s, he is supportive and keenly interested in the futures of the students being supported. And the Foundation is very grateful for his ongoing guidance and support.

About Dr. B.S. Keshava

Early Years

Born on October 5th, 1941, in the Chikmagalur District of Karnataka state in India, Dr. Keshava was the 4th of 5 brothers. His father sold butter in Chikmagalur and later, in Bangalore. His initial schooling was in Mysore and Chikmagalur and through much hard-work and dedication, he completed his PUC II and gained admission to Ayurvedic College in Shimoga. After a year, he transferred to Medical School in Bangalore University. After graduation, he worked as a medical officer in ESI Hospital in Bangalore, between 1970 and 1972.

Life in Australia

Dr. Keshava and Mrs. Seetha Keshava migrated to Australia in late 1972, where he spent his next 45 years. He trained in psychiatry between 1974-80 and had many professional achievements over the years. He is also well remembered for the significant contributions made to his family, faith and community. As Asian cultures became more mainstream in the 1970’s, Dr. Keshava played a large role in the formation of the Sydney Kannada Sangha, the Sydney Carnatic Music Circle and the early Sathya-Sai Baba centers in Sydney.

Music, Cricket & Family

Besides Carnatic music, cricket was a passion for Dr. Keshava, and from the 1970's he hosted many members from the Karnataka cricket team, from their formative years through to the time they represented India. His humility, kindness, generosity and loving nature touched most who met him, and he has set a wonderful example for his children and grandchildren to follow. This memorial scholarship is a tribute to his life, and he will surely be smiling down as the achievements of the scholarship winners come to fore in future.

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